Tosgold Aim is to Better tree of savior silver service,Cheaper tree of savior silver!

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Very good service, low prices, fast delivery, would recommend))

Mar 07, 2017 @ Very fast service

Good service and willingness to help. Polite, fast and a good Outcome. This is a good and safe site to use

Mar 07, 2017 @ Good response

Great support, really quick and very safe. Cant recommend them enough =)

Mar 05, 2017 @ Trusted and safe

I love the service she provides. Quick to help and always does the right thing. If you open chat and Lucy is your Customer Service you will leave happy!

Mar 03, 2017 @ Lucy the best!

I got my coins for madden mobile within 10 minutes. I am so happy!

Mar 01, 2017 @ faster

I don't buy silver from anywhere else now Tosgold has the cheapest prices and I get my coins within 30 minutes.

Feb 21, 2017 @ Cheapest Silver

The digital product is received very fast and all the transactions go smoothly. Lucy has been great in answering my questions so the customer support is great as well. Thank you.

Feb 20, 2017 @ Excellent Service

I have bought credits from various companys in the past i just google the credits i need and buy it i found Tosgold and got credits the delevery was almost instant their prices are fair and you get quite a bit of gold for your dollar and the people ive worked with like Lucy are great to work with she makes sure my order is in stock before i make my purchace so my deleevery is quick i do not use any other company except Tosgold now.

Feb 19, 2017 @ Outstanding Company

Best service from Tosgold and lucy have been a loyal customer for a few years love the service

Feb 19, 2017 @ Best service from Tosgold and lucy

I ordered gold. I used some, they arrived very fast. I had a problem, but I can tell you, the support answered so fast, it was great! Great support, no problems!

Feb 18, 2017 @ Gold arrived and the support helped me out with a problem!

Good service and willingness to help. Polite, fast and a good Outcome. This is a good and safe site to use, Is a good site to be trusted!

Feb 18, 2017 @ Good response

As always, a pleasure doing business with the representatives of I have always been treated with respect and my orders have been completed quickly and securely. They have been serving my gaming needs for several years. I will be back. :)

Feb 16, 2017 @ Safe,Fast,Reliable

Every time I used tosgold I am never disappointed. you guys rock !

Feb 16, 2017 @ Great

I have ordered from tosgold about 6-7 times. The delivery is always under 15-20 minutes if you contact one of their live chat representatives when you get the email. 5/5 stars. Never have had any problems

Feb 16, 2017 @ Always under 15 minute deliver

I bought gold from a different website and took them so long to give them my gold and didn't want to give me a refund. so i found this site ordered gold with in a few hours i received it.

Feb 15, 2017 @ Amazing


Lastest Complate Orders

  • @ Tim
    6000 K AO Silver On All Server
    Quick and easy service! They were very polite and best of all it's affordable! Oct/06/2022 07:47:13
  • @ benley6
    4000 K AO Silver On All Server
    you guys kick @$$!! love the site, great to do when i cant get on for a period of time and wanna get stuff done!! love the service! and i know i can trust! thanks for all my mills and items :P Oct/06/2022 06:48:12
  • @ Michael
    40000 K AO Silver On All Server
    Oh and i forgot to add that they used combat to get the money, so they leveled my level 80 attack to 87!!! and my 81 hitpoints to 84!!! its sooo awesome! its basically free powerleveling :P haha thank you Website! Oct/06/2022 05:19:11
  • @ Custorm
    80000 K AO Silver On All Server
    The process was quick, and easy, couldn't be happier with the outcome!. Oct/06/2022 05:00:51
  • @ Quick, and helpful
    5000 K AO Silver On All Server
    Quick, and helpful Very great service. They were able to chat and troubleshoot any mistakes that were on my end! Overall, amazing! Oct/05/2022 19:00:25
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Tosgold FeedBack

  • The transaction was smooth and easy,with many different option's to pay.i received my gold very quickly !!
    Aug/06/2017 @ Customer
  • Good company, you get the money In minutes.. will be buying from you guys again in a month or so :)
    Aug/06/2017 @ Customer
  • Amazing service! Great Quality!These guys are very fast and efficient! Great customer service and there very fast too! Hands down would only use these guys for your gold needs!
    Jul/25/2017 @ Angela
  • Love this site got my gold FAST and CHEAP will be coming back again thanks!
    Jul/25/2017 @ Customer
  • Fast, friendly, and accurate. When I buy, I buy from Tosgold. Best prices and fast delivery.
    Jul/23/2017 @ Evan
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