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Tree Of Savior Known Issues part 1

These are some issues that we are aware of Tree Of Savior:

Solutions to known Tree Of Savior Issues :

If you are stuck in the map and can’t move to another area, please use Klaipeda Warp Scroll.

If you can’t restart the game after you close the client, end the Steam process in Task Manager or reboot your PC.

Tree Of Savior Known Issues part 1

Known Tree Of Savior Issues :

Monster's Gem scripts may not show properly. But the effect of increasing skill level is working correctly. (Fixed)

EXP rate was applied differently at Saule server compared to the other servers, but now it is fixed. (Fixed)

There is a bug Linker quest for 2 circle, the master is too powerful against the planning. (Fixed)

Some items are invisible and can't be seen after registering them on market. (Fixed)

Sometimes game crashed on boss battle mode. (Fixed)

Some quest, item and etc scripts may not show properly.

Some skill descriptions may not show properly. It exists in kCBT as well.

When another party member completes quests related to the party quest first, quest notice disappears.

Accepting Friend Requests and Friend list is not working correctly.

Adventure Journal Ranking is not working correctly.

Dievdirbys Bugs while carving statues. It is a biggest bug at this point, and we're trying best effort to figure out it ASAP. (New)

Archers could attack without a weapon (new)

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