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Tree of Savior is going to dumb and boring

Honestly i don't mind those, They limit the build of the chars to reach a good one that can be really useful (Pally and Priest are a must, otherwise you have a useless class in the end), which i really don't agree, buffs are limited, cheap, and it help the new chars level up a big faster.


The content is already dumb and boring, specially at the start.


Another thing i don't agree is the Instant Clearing Voucher, i do use it now (after leveling 10 chars doing the same boring content), for alt leveling i think it is fine, at the same time, it helps bot owners level theirs faster also.


Tree of Savior is going to dumb and boring


If they at least kept the gacha at cosmetic and utility level (costumes, dyes, hats, hair, 7 and 15 days Tokens, Stats and Skill Reset Pots, etc...)i wouldn't really care, well i already don't, but these rental gear is one thing that destroy a game.

I already passed by a couple of these (including Maple Story which even cosmetics are rental), i'm almost sure they took Nexon's bait on this rental crap, i wouldn't doubt they starting doing that for cosmetics in the future.


@atari Thing is, people get accommodated to the changes too fast, all this in ToS right now, 10-12 years ago would be considered P2W, now most brush it over and accept.


In more 10 years, even buying gear for cash will be normal, paying a rental for a system that allow you to bot (this already exist in many games, specially browser games) and it won't be considered P2W or unfair.


I just don't see the point in all this crap, ah i don't have the time to play so i will pay to catch up? Sound so pathetic, when i was employer, i didn't had time to play games, but i didn't had to pay my way up because of that.

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