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Tree of savior Hidden Quest

Confirm Quest that's work

Military Support

Map : West Siauliai Woods

Requirement : Lv.1+

Reward : +5 Stamina potion

Hint to unlock : Check sign around because soldier need you.

Repair the Practice wooden seal

Map : Klaipedia

Requirement : Lv.1+ but you need to be strong enough.

Reward : +100 Weight Potion

How to unlock : You hit something too hard and it's broken.

Soldier Lindt's Favor

Map : Overlong Bridge Valley

Requirement : Do all his quest first.

Reward : Stamina +5 potion

How to unlock : He's tired and need to rest. You can help him regain his energy with something.

Failure and Success

Map : Ferdimian

Requirement : May possible at Lv1+? but you have to work your way to this map.

Reward : +20 SP potion

How to unlock : You failed many time to the point that merchant feel pity for you.

Brother, and after

Map : Fedimian Suburbs

Requirement : Do all quest in map first? Possible need to accept Gabija main quest.

Reward : +100 Weight Potion

How to unlock : Someone is waiting and he have something for you.

Crafting and materials

Map : Mage Tower 4F

Reward : Str+1 Potion

How to unlock : You need a lot of something in bag to surprise her. It's something from dragon like monster in mage tower.

Open Sesame

Map : Crystal Mine Lot 2 – 1F

Requirement : Completed all quest in Crystal Mine 1F,2F and 3F

Reward : Dex+1 Potion

How to unlock : Might related to some devices in mine.

Proving skills

Map : Nefritas Cliff

Reward : SP +20 potion

How to unlock : Some guard looking at you and he want to bet you to do something. You need to have lot of items in your bag to make him interested though. (Merman,Orc,Goblin,Pan)

The Wizard and Magician Tower

Map : More than one map

Reward : Stamina +5 potion

How to unlock : Talk with 44 important NPC after finish all npc sub quest in mage tower. (Accord [email protected]_tan_xy and @Nishikawa this might not need to talk to all 44 NPC)

Historian Colin's Favor

Map : Plateau of Rex

Reward : Int +1 Potion

How to unlock : You must be a good explorer around this area. ([email protected])

Work but need help to confirm how to trigger

Owl Grave Test

Map : Owl Burial Ground

Requirement : ??? Lv107+ (Not sure what trigger this because some people not see NPC)

Reward : +20 SP potion, Pink Hair Dye

How to unlock : Someone hidden in corner. In the dark.

The one who experienced death

Requirement : ?

Reward : +5 Stamina potion

How to unlock : You die many times? or You have kill a boss in tenet citadel? (Need confirm which is it that trigger quest because I have done both of that before quest appear)

– Duty of the soldier (Sunset Flag Forest) : Possible relate to time (7:01 to 8:00 PM Server time). Cr:@red_keruya


Not sure of the condition, but at Sunset Flag Forest at Gumbas Hill there's a ghost soldier that offers +1 SPR potion for you to kill 50 monsters in the area.

– Oppotunity and Preparation (?) : A book hidden somewhere in 4th floor of mausoleum. Can appear and disappear. Not sure how to make it trigger. Might be server time or something else.

Time so far (Server Time) : 3.30 AM, 6.02 PM on Saturday, 6.42 PM on Thursday, 7:38 PM, 12:41 PM.


was absent 6-9pm (Saturday), 6-8am (Sunday) server time.

Found it up at (Sunday) 9:47 am server time.

(Time track thank you to : Nishikawa, red_keruya, Drandor, letensai, fabriciosanderzubell, nizidr)


I found it in the Royal Mausoleum 4F, the name is “Oppotunity and Preparation”(it's misspelled currently). I don't remember 100%, but the quest giver was named “Hidden Book” but comes up as “Desk of the Royal Mausoleum”.

My only thought is that this book appears at a specific time and I found it by chance the first time.

From what I can remember, it was pretty late when I found the book (maybe past 8pm server time, but not midnight).

If anyone else has managed to find this quest, I would like to know when (and where) they found it.

– Can't meet again : Cr. to @tvro_zen NPC is in Fedimian merc post mission “Seventunes”. Not sure how to trigger npc to show up. Last time when run with party this NPC not show up at all. Some people in party don't have torn diary part. But finally found NPC when I rerun mission again alone later.

Have : all 4 part of torn diary, already read em all. Talk to his sister ‘Lyliana' in Klaipeda and talking many time to make her saying all chat dialogue relate to her family.

Time : around 1:05 PM


I found NPC that give this quest in Party Mission “Seven hues” map after you kill first boss but only me who see NPC (my friend not) so I'm not sure how to trigger this

after kill boss go right top (next area trap zone quest right bottom)

– Suspicious favor of the messenger : (Cr.Nishikawa, Ayalon, nizidr) In map Ramstis Ridge, At south east bridge island from Collapsed Sancturn area, NPC Errand Man will show up at 7:00 AM – around 8:00 AM. Seems like need to be in some angle from NPC to make him talk. Need a confirm that have to type number ‘xxxx' is a requirement to trigger up his chat or not because he's not chat when try typing number alone. (number will show in a fallen papers around this map)

:rotating_light: Other quest that may not notice. This is normal quest not hidden.

– Mysterious Well

Map : Cobalt Forest

Reward : Monster Specimen Set and Torn Diary Part 3

Quest : Talk to well, Find bucket and long rope then talk to well again. (X = rope/bucket , O = well)

-Grudge of a nameless warrior

Map : Saknis Plain

Reward : exp card

Quest : Search bush and you'll found a Muddy Necklace. Walk up a bit and give necklace to tombstone to fight quest boss.

:rotating_light: Normal Quest that give free stat point (Thanks you @FatePGN,@DiscKZee for mention)

Just talk with NPC in these map to start quest.

Steele Road

Protect the Heritage (1) > (2) = 1 stat

Treasure of the site > Expired Contract > Ready > Ruklys' Inheritance = 1 stat

Goddess' Ancient Garden quest that give stat

Traces of Stars (1) > (2) > (3) > (4) > (5) = +1 stat

Escanciu Village

Epitaph of Flurry / Flurry's Inscription (1) > (2) > (3) > (4) > (5) > (6) = +1 stat

Ferdimian Suburbs

Old Tale 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 = Zubeck's Secret Moves item (+1 stat when use)

Some Main quest can give free stat point too.

:rotating_light: Something that's not yet solve, don't know how to do it or not yet try to do.

– Hidden, and hidden (Fedimian) : Hint from quest info > The Sadhu Master is looking at you with a grin. Well I'm not see him/her there. Not sure if anything relate to pot in Ferdimian, I try talk to all pot I saw which some are a msg from some job master but not see anything relate to Sadhu master yet and nothing happen. From database it seem to trigger quest may related to Fossilized Lizard Amber item but I can't confirm this.

:rotating_light: Something else that's not quest but useful.

– Guard Graveyard and Watchman Set

You can enter Guard Graveyard from Tenet Garden (A warp at top left of map).

Inside you'll see a glowing blue aura. Talk to it and bring it to status near Goddess WP.

You'll get a Detect force of the astral body buff, Repeating till buff change to Eye of seeing astral body.

Walk around and you'll see a bigger glow. Talk to it to get random Watchman Set piece.

This can be repeat and there's a chance to get same piece of gear.

Set are not tradeable, please look Tosbase site for item stat.

– Goddess Zemyna Statue

When you talk to this statue it'll add +1 stat point.

Can be found at..

West Siauliai Woods

Miners' Village

Saknis Plains

Should be more but I forgot where else.. :cry:

Statue of Goddess Zemyna locations301

The easiest one is at West Siauliai Woods.

Another easy one is at Miners' Village.

Then there's the two that you've already found at Zachariel Crossroads and Saknis Plains.

There's one at Royal Mausoleum Constructors' Chapel. It requires you to do a simple puzzle.

And finally, the last one I found is at Inner Enceinte District, a Lv 196 map.

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