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Tree of Savior FAQ Organize

Tree of Savior FAQ Organize

Q.I want to change my lodge, how do I do so?

You can buy different lodges for T.P. by clicking on the Change Lodge icon and purchasing one that you like.


Q.How do I show that I like a person and wish to play with them ...

You can add them to your friends list(refer to 'How do I send friend requests?') or you can 'Like' them by right clicking on their character to give them a 'Like'


Q.Do I need to create a 3rd party account to play the game?

No, you do not need a 3rd party account in order to play the game. You only need your Steam ID.

Therefore, we highly suggest using such protective measures like the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator to safeguard your account.


Q.What are the barracks?

The character selection screen in which you see your created characters is your barracks.


Q.What are acheivements and where can I see them?

Acheivements are to show how much of the content you have enjoyed. You can see your achievements on the second tab on Character Information.


How can I get more Tree of Savior Gold?

You can get TOS Gold after completing the task, as well as attacks drop, but the easiest way is to buy TOS Gold in the online store


Q.How can I move faster?

You may run by tapping the movement keys twice. However, be careful as running will decrease your Stamina(STA).

You can check how much Stamina(STA) you have left by looking at the meter which is next to your portrait.


Q.What do I do when I need to report someone for hacking/botti...

Please include evidence such as chat logs or screenshots of the relevant issue and report it on the forums or to GMs.


Q.Can I rebind the keys?

Yes, you are able to rebind the keys for the keyboard but not for the controller.


Q.Is there any VOIP system integrated in the game?

No, we do not currently have any VOIP system in the game. You can use your VOIP service of choice to interact with other players.


Q.Why do I not receive all the money from items sold on the Market?

There is a tax of 30% for using the Market system.

You can reduce the tax by using a Token. Please refer to 'What are Tokens?' for more details.


Q.What is an instanced dungeon?

An instanced dungeon is an area where you and your colleagues must achieve an certain objective in order to gain rewards etc.

You can either create a party before entering or automatically search for one.

You may only enter instanced dungeons a limited amount of times per day.


Q.What are the barracks?

The character selection screen in which you see your created characters is your barracks.


Q.How do I use the Guild Inventory System?

The guild inventory will be able to receive items obtained during guild events such as raids.

The Guild Master will be able to distribute those items to members via the message system in the barracks.


Q.How can I create a guild?

You must be a Templar In order to create a guild.


Q.What is the Team Battle League?

As we currently do not allow PvP in normal circumstances, it is a way to test your skills against other players.

It is an arena type battle system where you may fight alone or with colleagues.


Q.How can I protect my account?

We strongly suggest that you change your password periodically and do not use similar ones.

Depending on the platform, we also urge you to use the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.


Q.Am I allowed to engage in Player versus Player(PvP) action?

Currently, you are not able to engage in PvP as you wish on normal zones.

If you wish to test your skills, try the Team Battle League or join a Guild to do so.


Q.What is the difference between Character and Class experience/level?

Character experience is the yellow bar on the bottom left of your screen and grants you a Status Point every time you level up.

You may distribute that Status Point in which ever Status you choose.

Class experience is the green bar on the bottom right of your screen and grants you an attribute point when you level up.

You can use it to enhance your existing skills or learn new ones within your class.


Q.Can I record or stream my gameplay on Youtube or Twitch TV etc?

Yes, you may as long as you do not use the gameplay for commercial purposes.

You may monetize Youtube videos or receive subscriptions on Twitch etc.


Q.My inventory is too messy, how can I sort it?

There is an icon with 9 squares near the bottom left of your Inventory tab.

You can sort your inventory by price, grade, weight or name by clicking it.


Q.What are the currencies used in the game?

The default in-game currency is Silver. It can be obtained by playing the game.

Tree of Savior Points are the premium currency. Please refer to 'What are TP?' for more details.


Q.What is a channel?

There are several channels per zone within a server to try to allow as many players to enjoy the game without overpopulation of a small area.

If there are too many or too few players, try changing channels.


Q.Can I create or use add-on programs?

We do not disagree to certain add-on programs such as EXP meter.

However, we will be monitering them on a case by case basis and will not allow those that disrupt the natural progression of the game or give a disadvantage to other players.


Q.What is a companion?

Companions or pets are creatures that will permanently follow you and fight with you.


Q.Can I share items between my teams on other servers?

No, you will not be able to share items between servers. This applies to both in-game contents and premium contents or benefits.


Q.Is there a difference between servers and can I play on all of them?

There are no difference in game contents between servers and you can create teams on all of the servers if you wish to do so.

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