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Tree of Savior Classes Pardoner Guide

This is a full Tree f Savior Guide for Pardoner money maker and skill, if you have known something about this, you will find it's easy to get ToS Silver and become a rich guy in shortest time. SO read this guide carefully, you will get a lot from this article.


It's possible that many people create a Pardoner as a secondary character, therefore, the supply will get excessive and deflates the costs.


I've made transpire on earning cash this Pardoner.


That's my doubt?- STR/Disadvantage/INT trying to gain levels using fundamental attacks, or perhaps an INT/SPR/Disadvantage attempting to gain levels like a Full Support, with a decent Heal, a great Mass Heal, and doing a bit of damage with cure plus arde dagger within the beginning.


Tree of Savior Classes Pardoner Guide


Please, if anybody comes with an idea?- increase for this.


And when I've balls to gain levels to position 7, whats up for me personally?


1 - Pardoner C>3 may be beneficial, simply to maximize Simony?


2 - Does Chaplain buffs make Scroll ou peut-rrtre unable to utilize on Weapon Shop?


3 - Other class you can use?


Pardoner Skill Explanation   Simony Scroll List


Information is going to be base from 3rd beta KR only. (List mostly from observe auction and asking KR player around) Anything alternation in extends test won't be included.


Simony use for creating a scroll for skill out of your previous job and greater job.


This skill requires item Parchment (cost 200) and 500 silver to create to create.


Scroll level relies on Simony level of skill. While parchment and cash require is going to be base by Ability scroll you need to make and ability you utilize as making a scroll. (From things I heard the price of requirement continues to be a bug)


Divine Might could work with simony. (max scroll lv, for the time being, is 15)


Tree of Savior Classes Pardoner Guide PIC 1


Example :


Heal Lv15   Simony Lv1 = Heal Lv 1 scroll (Parchment 15   7500 silver)


Heal Lv5   Simony Lv15 = Heal Lv15 scroll (Parchment 5   2500 silver)


With Divine Might (Scroll Lv15 won't help equal to some time, I'll exclude it to really make it less confuse)


Heal Lv15   Simony Lv1   Divine Might Lv5 = Heal Lv 5 scroll


Heal Lv5   Simony Lv5   Divine Might Lv10 = Heal Lv15 scroll


Heal Lv1   Simony Lv10   Divine Might Lv10 = Heal Lv20 scroll


Confirm Work Skill


Cleric : Heal, Safety Zone, Cure, Deprotected Zone, Divine Might


Priest : Monstrace


Krivis : Daino, Zalciai, Aukuras, Zaibas


Paladin : Smite, Restoration, Turn Undead


Oracle : Call of Deities, Arcane Energy, Counter Spell, Change, Clairvoyance, Forecast


Confirm Not Work Skill (Any skill that needs an item to make use of and a few specific skill)


Cleric : Fade, Protector Saint


Priest : Blessing, Aspersion, Sacrament, Resurrection, Revive


Krivis : Divine Stigma


Dievdirbys : All


Bokor : All


Paladin : Resist Elements and each skill in circle 2,3


Sadhu : All


Monk : All


Pardoner : All


Oracle : Ressetting, Dying Verdict


Every skill scroll have awesome lower after use. Lengthy or short is rely on skill.


By having an attribute "Make Dispeller". Pardoner may also use 2 parchment to produce dispeller scroll. This scroll could be used to avoid any debuff (ex.sleep,freeze,etc.).


To produce it you need to sit and it'll show icon to produce dispeller.


And also to make dispeller scroll work you need to activate it. When debuff was casting for you it'll prevent individuals debuff and consume 1 scroll. Scroll don't have any awesome lower.


Spell Shop is perfect for open shop (Buff vending machine). This shop can continue to work despite sign off. Buff that may be list need to be a buff that needs an item to make use of only. To date skill that actually work is priest skill Blessing, Aspersion, Sacrament and pardoner skill Indulgentia)


Remain number is the number of require item left (holy water, holy powder, gyslotis, money). Cost isn't fixed and you may change it out as you would like.


Tree of Savior Classes Pardoner Guide PIC 2


Level of skill rely on ??Real Skill Lv.' (ex. Aspersion lv 15 = in the shop also 15).


Duration is going to be more than normal buff (possible from 3-minute duration attribute). For instance Aspersion > 35 minute, Blessing > 28 minutes (A lot longer duration still its based on the number of attack hit) and Sacrament > 2 hrs. However. The sacrament is presently bug, not a buff to an individual who got it and can buff pardoner and theOrher party member only. Unsure yet what's different for every level of skill. There's also attribute that add duration here we are at 3 minutes per attribute level (Can't confirm max level)


This skill is going to be useless for the time being should you don't have skill that actually works to place into Spell Shop skill.


Oblation is perfect for the open donation box. Another player can donate their item into the box. The item could be anything. After offer donates the item to pardoner. An individual who donates can get some cash back. While pardoner who opens donation box pays the cash. Cost is going to be fixed and can't set. Item in the box can't remove. Only factor pardoner can perform is go back to town and select to empty (sell) all item in the Orher box.


Level of skill will affect the quantity of an item that may be include box. (1 lv = 100 Qty.)


Tree of Savior Classes Pardoner Guide PIC 3


This skill could be used near Goddess Statue only and can't utilize it around. Pardoner can't move while getting it up. The box will still open for donating despite leave.


This skill has an attribute that effects Indulgentia skill (More item in the box = More harm to Indulgentia)


Descerning Evil use at target monster. Extend dangerous effect that applied on the right track (abnormal status like stun, freeze, etc). At skill lv.1 add  2 seconds. Hardly notice if the skill has been in effect or otherwise because after use skill you'll saw icon under monster hp bar for any couple of seconds and it'll go immediately after you blink your eyes, However, you are able to notice by abnormal status on the monster which is add  ? second out of this skill.


Indulgentia Aoe range around yourself. Ruining monster and cure any abnormal status to a player who's in range. Greater skill lv increase the damage, number monster/player it may attack/cure. Cost 500 silver any time you use a skill. is a professional online website that offering safe Tree of Savior Silver to all players, if you don't have enough time to farm silver in Tree of Savior, you can go to to buy some silver, which would be a right way to get money in the game too.

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