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Tree of Savior Class Guide 2018

It's another Tosgold Time, guess what I want to share with you? In the last article, I have shared a beginner guide, which would be a great help to all Tree of Savior newcomers. And today, I will tell you how to choose a right class for yourself - this is really important to you, which will influence your whole trip in TOS. 


Choose A Class


Selecting what class fits your needs may either function as the easiest or hardest area of the game based on you, the gamer!


Many people have a tendency to gravitate towards a couple of classes according to personal preference and playstyle. With there only being four fundamental choices Swordsman, for that melee player. Archer, for that ranged player. Wizard, for that Harrys and Hermoines. And Cleric, for that female friends. (JK my girlfriend plays an average Swordsman)


Typically of individuals four choices, people currently have an overall concept of what they would like to play.


That being stated I'm here to provide a bit more understanding of each class.


Now, for particular info on each class, you're likely to want to consult each class portion of this informative guide. This is mainly for brand new players.


Tree of Savior Class Guide 2018


The Swordsman Class is very strong at the outset of the sport, from roughly level 1 to roughly level 100, no matter gear and spec, initially glance, they think such as the most powerful class to a different player.


Despite the fact that, individuals levels don't last very long and when from them Swordsman starts to be perhaps probably the most gear-dependant class hanging around.


It's believed with a disturbing amount of people the Swordsman class is presently not really a competitive damage dealing class for late game content. It's believed they can't compete whatsoever using the Archer and Wizard class.


Whereas I realize where these arguments are originating from, because the Swordsman class has equal parts DPS, Duelist, and Tank trees, it's fewer choices for DPS builds. However, I really believe Swordsmen are often able to rival Archers and Wizards as lengthy as they've got the build and equipment to do this.


It's also in a position to build very well in PvP, because of its naturally large health pool, unique utility/control and skill to manage burst damage, regardless of whether you go full Disadvantage build or none, you'll have a comparatively large health pool.


The Archer Class is really an effective well-balanced ranged attacker able to the huge single target and AoE damage, often even within the same build because of the versatility of their rank choices.


Much like Swordsman the problem from the game generally changes greatly according to your gear. Granted I actually do realize this is often stated about all classes, I do think the physical damage dealers, for example, Archer and Swordsman will have it the worst because they have 3 stats (Str/Dex/Disadvantage) to balance instead of two like Cleric and Wizard.


The Archer Class is presently able to be the most powerful single target damage class hanging around. Meanwhile, they're also able to rival Swordsman and Wizard classes at potential AoE damage.


Archers have a lot of options with regards to survivability stats. They have the greatest passive Evasion rate of classes and have a tendency to put on leather, providing them with a comparatively large edge against incoming physical damage. A properly-rounded archer can dodge up to 80-85% of incoming physical attacks. Archers also don't have a problem obtaining a good sized health pool. While their base health insurance and Disadvantage scaling are considerably less than the Swordsman class, between putting no less than 10-20% of the stats into Disadvantage and/or picking among the mounted courses of instruction for the defensive stat bonuses, they are able to easily get the acceptable quantity of health.


This being stated, archers are naturally weak to incoming magic damage and there's hardly any that you can do to counter this. Most archer builds simply approach magic users having a"Kill him before he kills me." strategy.


The Wizard Class is the standard glass cannon class. While it's single target damage isn't typically as strong being an Archer's, it will have the possibility to become as high and has a tendency to destroy most Archer and Swordsman builds in AoE damage, though as pointed out above, isn't always the situation.


Wizards tend to be less gear dependant than Archers and Swordsmen. When they still scale linearly to magic attack and they have a lot of multi-hit abilities which make great utilization of high MAtk, not getting to balance Attack and Crit, since magic cannot crit, enables these to hit their damage ceiling a lot more easily compared to Archer and Swordsman classes.


Because of Wizards natural low health insurance and the relatively poor scaling around the INT stat, because it only provides a single MAtk point, Wizards have to face the tough task of balancing INT and Disadvantage. Whereas yes, INT truly is really a bad scaling stat generally, as pointed out above most Wizard specs have a lot of multi-hit abilities, which benefit an adequate amount of all the single MAtk point you can handle to get. However, if you don't spend typically 20-50% of the points in Disadvantage you'll most certainly have survivability issues.



Wizards possess the cheapest base survivability hanging around. There is a minor edge versus magic damage from putting on cloth along with a slight MDef increase class passive, they can't reliably dodge or block or basically evade damage as reliably as the other classes. Wizards need to balance their offensive and defensive stats or their damage are affected one of the ways or another.


On the top of competitive single target and AoE damage, Wizards can handle very effective control and buff/debuff builds which are vital in any group.


The Cleric Class is the (fairly) standard healer class. Even though some quite strong Cleric damage builds can be found, and Clerics make among the very best duelist (1v1/2v2 PvP) classes, they're typically always considered healers and likely to perform the role of healing unless of course described or decided just before joining an organization.


Clerics have a tendency to have a problem with early levels, some build greater than others, presuming you're creating a Cleric for that sole reason for healing and supporting groups, the very first 100-200 levels may are usually fairly difficult.


They're also the toughest class to really define their gear needs. A complete support Cleric is commonly the complete easiest class to gear and scales very poorly to each condition except SPR and/or Disadvantage. Whereas other builds really do hybrid INT and SPR stats to create their build flourish, which does require enough gear and min/maxing. However, simply put, gearing a Cleric is commonly super easy plus they are usually minimal gear-dependant class hanging around.


That being prefaced, Clerics can handle extreme strength in most senses from the word. They could become unkillable tank machines (with regards to PvP, they can't taunt or hold threat), deal great levels of damage (relative, they'll likely not be as strong because the other classes could be but make amazing hybrids), and clearly, can hand out insane levels of healing and provide invaluable buffs.


Clerics really are a necessity with regards to PvP and truthfully it seems like you cant ever have a diet program them. Granted yes, without appropriate ranged damage and a front line you'll lose, Clerics really are a phenomenal PvP class that's frequently hard to counter.


I really hope these brief descriptions have helped you in some manner on deciding which class you like. Remember, they are somewhat vague descriptions when compared to detail we'll get into below and so I do recommend studying further into the class(es) which appeal to you.


When To & When Not To


Which means this section could refer to numerous things. There are plenty of well-known meta builds moving around that are great for all intents and purposes, however, isn't necessarily always the best choice based on just what you hope concerning your character.


For instance, Archer2/Quarrel Shooter3/Scout/Musketeer is recognized as among the best Archer small-scale-PvP (1v1/2v2/5v5) builds. However, it is only as viable to exchange Quarrel Shooter3 with either Ranger3, for Steady Strive for guaranteeing individuals massive crits, or Hunter3, for that utility and control to stun a person or drag them from their Safety Zone and pin them there before bursting them lower together with your Musketeer skills.


Another different kind of example is Swordsmen are usually expected (with a disturbingly great deal of people, honestly) to possess Peltasta1 for that ease of taunt in leveling groups. Similarly, Clerics are anticipated to visit Cleric2 for that increase of heal tiles to be able to heal in groups.


While these two examples will have some merit for them, not every Swordsmen builds must have Peltasts and never all Cleric builds must have Cleric2. If you're creating a Doppelsouldner for Earth Tower and/or PvP, you might likely choose to not go Peltast. Similarly, lots of Corsair builds don't take Peltasta either hoping future buffs to Gung Ho and/or Concentrate.


Much like Swordsmen, not every Cleric builds take Cleric2. If you're creating a Hybrid Cleric is the SECOND cleric inside your ET group, or maybe you'd prefer to be a front-line Monk, or perhaps a single-target Krivis/Sadhu/Druid, you might decide against Cleric2.


Regardless of this, metals are metals for any reason. Most Cleric builds must have Cleric2. Any Swordsman build does better with Peltasta FOR LEVELING (The apparent trouble with this statement would be that the game isn't always about leveling, though it seems like often it).


However with regards to PvP builds, theory crafting/testing, or just playing what you believe you'll enjoy, nobody can or should let you know what class(es) to experience.


PvP is really broad that nearly any spec is nice at something as long as the build has some kind of synergy with itself.


If you wish to go X build, however, the public states Y build is much better, unless of course, they are able to provide a solid argument why it's better for what you would like the type to complete, play what you would like to experience.


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