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Tree of Savior Class Guide - Swordsman

Last time, I have shared a Pardoner guide for new players of ToS, and this time, I want to share another Swordsman guide to you, I think that most of the players would like to see a class guide like this, and don't forget to buy ToS silver from our website, I guess you will need more money in this game.

The Swordsman class may be the melee class able to be built mainly like a tank or damage dealer. Swordsman is presently not capable of healing whatsoever, themselves varieties, but will have several semi-support-type abilities and attributes. With the development of Lancer and Dragoon2 when Rank 8 is released, more Swordsman support builds will end up viable.

Tree of Savior Class Guide - Swordsman

Swordsman utilize the Strength (STR), Skill (DEX), and Metabolic rate (Disadvantage) stats. Where are they possibly can utilize Spirit (SPR) any maximized build will bypass it and just use Spell Point (SP) potions when needed.

They wield one-handed swords, daggers, and shields. Certain Swordsman builds can learn attributes to wield one-handed spears, two-handed spears, two-handed swords, and pistols.

The Swordsman class may be the only class that may improve your speed by double tapping a directional key at the expense of Stamina, which makes them the quickest moving class hanging around.

Swordsman can handle riding mounts when they go Cataphract or Lancer when it's released. Cataphract to be the absolute fastest class hanging around through the Trot ability.

All classes can handle putting on all kinds of armor, cloth, leather, and plate, nevertheless, the Swordsman class is the only person who is able to viably use the three well based on their build.

Swordsman have a max health modifier of 3.3, the highest. The max

health formula is: Health = (85CON + 17Modifier*(Level-1))

Swordsman have a base buff limit of 7.

Swordsman have a base AoE Attack Ratio of 4.

Swordsman gain the following passive bonuses:

(Level/4) Physical Defense

(*2) Block

Relevant Swordsman Secondary 

Damage Dealing

Dealing damage like a Swordsman is situational anyway, which is the reason why the general public believe that it is bad. The simple truth is using the slash, pierce, and strike mechanics, Swordsman are generally the very best damage dealers or even the worst based positioned on what they're fighting.

Slash attacks are strong ( 50% damage) versus cloth wearers, weak (-50% damage) versus plate wearers, and unchanged versus leather wearers.

Pierce attacks are strong versus leather wearers, weak versus cloth wearers, and unchanged versus plate wearers.

Strike attacks are strong versus plate wearers, weak versus leather wearers, and unchanged versus cloth wearers.

This will make Swordsman probably the most difficult classes to experience along with it's no reliable ability rotation because it changes entirely according to what you’re fighting.

This is why, because of it’s insufficient Strike attacks in almost any tree, Swordsman will invariably struggle versus any plate target.

Swordsman can presently decide to build their class around using a spear (mainly pierce damage) or using a sword (mainly slash damage).

The Swordsman tank classes generally have lots of shield-based (mainly strike damage) attacks. There are lots of discussions whether or otherwise, some tank-based damage builds are viable but none of them has really been confirmed for PvE by yet.

Of these purposes and also the inescapable fact that Swordsman Rank 1 has Thrust, a spammable Pierce attack, it's thought that the very best PvE DPS builds presently centre around utilizing a sword.

That being stated, there are also pros to wielding a spear. The seeming most of monsters hanging around are leather, the spears presently available hanging around are nearly all much better than the swords, and when it offers Hoplite it will get enough “free” critical rate.

However, spear’s primary drawback is its insufficient variety in damage types.

Approximate Stat Priority (Explained):

Health (Disadvantage) is the most significant states, until several you're confident with. While Swordsman can pull off no Disadvantage because of their naturally high health pool, some continue to be suggested.

Physical Attack (STR) will make the most damage output increase point for point early into the game or while putting on low-level or mediocre weapons. However, Physical Damage does get less strong, point for point, using the much more of it you receive.

A good example to aid this really is: For those who have 10 physical attacks and also you gain 1 physical attack, you’ve elevated your physical attack by 10%. For those who have 100 physical attacks and gain another point, you’ll obtain a 1% damage increase. For those who have 1000 physical attack and gain that very same anchorman, you will simply obtain a .1% damage increase.

Critical Rate (DEX) may be the chance that you'll critically hit. A vital hit is really a damage multiplier of  50% according to your present physical damage (and skill damage, additive). What this means is beyond a particular reason for Physical Attack, likely accessible strictly through gear, the critical rate becomes the very best dps stat for Swordsman.

Granted, much like Physical Attack “soft cap” is easily accessible using a strong/enhanced weapon, technically you will get not far from soft crit cap through eco-friendly gems and equipment. That being stated, acquiring gems greater than level six or seven max is very unlikely and impractical right now.

Physical Attack (STR) becomes more powerful than Critical Rate (DEX) again once acquiring a gentle crit cap.

Critical Attack (STR)* is really a non-reliable stat that you ought to not test to stack or base your build around, however, the total amount you cope with gear and strength simply while opting for other stats frequently accumulates and turns into a significant accessory for your DPS.

AoE Attack Ratio is yet another non-reliable stat that many any build shouldn't be based on by itself, however, it's potentially the most powerful damage stat accessible once enough base stats happen to be achieved. AoE Attack Ratio is recognized as hard to rely on since it is made unnecessary by Falconers, Linkers, and/or made irrelevant according to your build.

*Critical Attack is perhaps more powerful than Physical Attack for 2-handed Sword-wielding Highlanders because they obtain a passive bonus  50% Critical Attack and demanding Attack ignores enemy defences. This really is only when the Highlander has roughly an 80%  opportunity to crit.

Approximate Stat Priority (Numbers):

Health (CON) to 18,000 ~ 25,000 >

Physical Attack (STR) to 800 >

Critical Rate (DEX) to ~500 self-buffed, +/- 50 >

Physical Attack >

Critical Attack >



Tanking is really a role presently limited to the Swordsman class.

Unlike most MMOs, tanks are perhaps more helpful in PvP compared to what they have been in PvE. This isn't because of the class or spec’s strength or capability to tank but instead because of all current difficult content being limited to five players. While getting a fish tank will make things smoother and much more controlled, it might lower the group’s damage potential.

Also unlike most MMOs, tanks can be built very offensively in Tree of Savior if that's the case preferred. The Peltasts and Rodelero trees are perhaps the very best damage trees hanging around for versus plate armor targets because of their great deal of Strike type abilities.

This being stated, even if you choose to come up with an offensive tank build, you will need a lot of health because you will be anticipated to tank in groups.

The 2 primary tank trees presently include Peltasta and Rodelero. However, other trees presently hanging around may also be used well when combined with either of the aforementioned trees. Fencer for its high evasion rate creates a level more powerful physical damage tank, Hoplite with its defensive buffs and talents also compliment Peltasta and/or Rodelero, and finally Cataphract mainly because of its capability to mount for further defensive stats.

Murmillo is the one other tank class we are seeing at Rank 8, and Lancer that also comes at Rank 8 can certainly be utilized less like a “tank” and much more like a frontline PvP class, and for that reason will require a bit of a fish tank aspect into it for survivability.

With regards to PvE tanking, Disadvantage may be the only stat worth thinking about, because it governs health, critical resistance, and block. Tanks could be built like a Disadvantage/DEX hybrid when they include Fencer or are now being designed for PvP, in nearly any situation, despite diminishing returns, Disadvantage will be the very best stat for tanks.

Approximate Stat Priority, excluding CON (Explained):

AoE Defense Ratio, though situational, is absolutely the best stat you will get for much better protecting your group both in PvE and PvP. Though enough health insurance and other base stats are essential before targeting AoE Defense Ratio, individuals stats could be arrived at fairly easily before even thinking about gear.

Block is the greatest and many reliable minimization stat for just about any tank with enough Disadvantage.

Evasion is situational but could greatly accompany block to create a tank apparently invisible to physical damage. However to be able to stack both evasions and block it is possible quitting stats that can help reduce the chances of magic users. Make sure to make the right stat balance.

HP, because more is much better, especially since all non-concoction healing is percentage-based.

Property Resistance, also situational, affects incoming harm to both magic and physical harm to a particular type. It's simpler to stack than magic or physical defence, nevertheless, you usually have to focus on a resistance type or more, which is the reason why it situational.

Dark, Poison, Earth, Lightning, and Fire are usually the very best PvE resistances. Poison, Dark, Holy, Lightning, and Ice are usually the very best PvP resistances. Also typically for the reason that order but clearly not always.

Precision is usually only necessary for PvP and can only help a lot versus dex-stacking players, in PvP could it be a tank’s best offensive stat.

Block Transmission is comparable to precision. If you’ve no strength it'll only help a lot, but it'll assist in PvP nevertheless. What's more, Tosgold will always be your best choice to buy Tree of Savior Silver online, and if you have any questions when you are purchasing ToS silver from us, you can contact our customer service, all your questions will be solved.

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Tree of Savior Class Guide - Swordsman

Last time, I have shared a Pardoner guide for new players of ToS, and this time, I want to share another Swordsman guide to you, I think that most of the players would like to see a class guide like this, and don't forget to buy ToS silver from our website, I guess you will need more money in this game.