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Tree of Savior Basic Guide

Step1. Tree of Savior Starting the Game


You can check the Lodge settings and basic information of characters and companions. The Lodge is the first place you enter when you start the game. It is where you can create new characters, change Lodge name and skin, select the companions to bring along, and select channel.


  • 1.Character Info
  • 2.Create Character
  • 3.Change Lodge Name
  • 4.Change Lodge Skin
  • 5.Select Channel
  • 6.Game Start Button
  • 7.Companion Info
  • 8.Logout / Exit Game

Create Character

You can create your own characters. When you enter the game, you can create characters by clicking [Create Character] -> [Enter Character Name] -> [Create].


Step2. Tree of Savior Learn the basic controls

Interface and Basic Controls

You can check the intuitive, convenient Interface and Basic Controls. Click [Keyboard] / [Joypad] button in Game Settings [ESC] for more details on the Controls.

Tree-of-Savior-Interface-and-Basic-Controls -3

  • 1.Character Info
  • 2.Chat UI
  • 3.Quick Slot
  • 4.Main Menu
  • 5.Minimap
  • 6.Select Channel
  • 7.Basic Controls


Tutorials are not required to be completed but it is where you learn the basics to playing the game. You will receive Basic Small HP Potion, Basic Small SP Potion, Basic Stamina Pill, and Klaipeda Warp Stone when you begin the Tutorial. You can use the Klaipeda Warp Stone1) anytime to move to Klaipeda. You can check details of the Tutorial Quest or other quests available through the Quest Information [F5] window. The Quest Notice on the right side of screen also displays simple quest information. Tree-of-Savior-Tutorial-4


You can Restore HP, SP, Stamina that were consumed while playing the game. You can restore HP, SP by using Potions and Stamina by using Stamina Pills or attacking Tree Root Crystals. Tree-of-Savior-Recovery-5

Rest Mode

SP, HP, Stamina is restored faster in Rest Mode. Press [Insert] to change to Rest Mode. The Quick Slot automatically changes when you enter Rest Mode.

Step3. Tree of Savior Character Level Up

Status Distribution

You can enhance Character abilities using points you receive when you level up your character. You receive Status Points when your chracter level increases. You can check and apply your Status Points in the Character Information [F1] Window.

Skills and Attributes

Use various Skills that fit your play style. You can check Skill and Attribute Information through Class and Skill Information [F3] window. Click the [+] button to acquire Skills. You can also enhance your character skills by learning Skill Attributes from the [Class Master] NPC's. Tree-of-Savior-Skills-and-Attributes-8


Make your characters stronger by Rank Up2. The [Class Advancement] button is activated when you reach [Class Level 15] Click the button to select your desired class, then complete the Advancement Quest for Class Advancement.


Step4. Tree of Savior Enjoying Contents


You can train your Companion1) to become stronger. Adopt Companion from the Companion Merchant in town. Companions aid your combat and movement, and you can train your Companions to enhance its attributes. You can check the details of your Companion through the Companion Information [F9] window. Tree-of-Savior-Companion-10


You can collect items for various Collections. Collections are automatically registered when you right-click on Deck1) item in front of [Klaipeda] - [Magic Association NPC]. You can receive Collection Effect when you complete the registered Collection.


Item Enhancement

You can Enhance your equipments by using the Anvil From your Inventory, [Right-click on Anvil] - [Right-click on item to enhance] for [Item Enhancement] window to pop up. The Anvil will appear when you click on [Enhance] button. Hit the Anvil three times to enhance your item. Tree-of-Savior-Item-Enhancement-12

Goddess Statue

Worship the Goddess Statues to receive beneficial effects. You can warp to other areas after you activate the Goddess Vakarine Statue and you can receive Status Points when you worship Goddess Zemyna Statue.



Dungeons are dangerous places where you can get special rewards. Dungeon is a good place to form parties to play together and you can acquire Gems1) from the dungeon monsters and boss monsters. When your character dies in the dungeon, clicking on [Resurrect at the nearest area] moves your character to the dungeon entrance and the Gem in your inventory may sometimes be consumed as penalty.

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