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Tree of Savior: Squire Base Camp Discuss

Hey guys, no time no see, welcome back to Tosgold again, how do you feel with our Tree of Savior Silver service? Ok, back to the point, I am going to talk about Squire Base Camp with you this time, some players have really pessimistic on it, and I do have some different opinions that I'd like to share with you:


Soup(level 10 obviously) along with aukuras scroll level 5 allows for any ( 1 sec) hp recovery tick which goes as much as 3k each per scroll, or an amount 1 scroll for just two sec tick at 1k less-scroll, an ordinary character has as much as 200-500 base , this without getting disadvantage, therefore, we are speaking concerning the least expensive option (level 1 scroll) 30 regen tick one minute, so 6k HP to 15k HP based on your class so you have a squire but appears to become losing in the best buff it offers obviously you should purchase it too but this is optimal for bosses fight/ET/uphill than the usual normal pve scenery of leveling.


Tree of Savior: Squire Base Camp Discuss


when we consider the complete gameplay and when we divide the scroll price of 1k per players from the party, you may also utilize it up an ideal way of healing as levelling too, at 30k/hrs pretty much of scrolls.


In order to not accept you relating to this as being a bad food which is very helpful, much more, by using next card system we'll have as much as 300hp regen card, permitting a buff of 900 hp regen when the play equip it, so in the last use we'd have up 30x900=27k hp regen one minute, using the least expensive use, and double it if you purchase level 5 scrolls with 54k hp regen /minute regen using the cards alone.


Now, you can do this with scroll, for those who have krivis is free of charge a aukuras too.


exactly the same applies for sp regen and sp buff for top consuming builds like hacka-dragon using the sp buff.


I won't state that aoe defense is essential however for gvg/pvp classes in huge pvp fights, all aoe swordsman skills have as much as 10-15 aoe ratio when the players really concentrate on it, with equips if you buff it within the entire gvg, the abilities will affect 2-3 players at max, whereby normal situation may go as much as 5, which is HUGE too, and mostly free once putting it the camp ground not to mention should you take into account that not everybody concentrate on it it is simple to decrease just about all swordsman skills to focus on at max 2 or one in a pvp grapple with merely a food.


to everybody who plays swordsman in PvP - try to avoid wasting of individuals aoe defence hats much more should they have other stats like HP, since they're good, much more, should you play in greater disadvantage/meat shield character.


wanted to allow it here because you requested which are great and helpful.


About disappearing the bottom, I won't even comment an excessive amount of about this for me personally we should always keep in mind that squire is really a character like every other so getting the bottom vanish following a funnel reset becomes a massive problem because we contemplate it just an offline character rather than have fun with it(I actually do it simply like the majority of guys) but I don't agree that's wrong/old dated or perhaps a mistake because a minimum of for me the bottom isn't something to become there forever and ever, even though you pay it off with extended time, we've one camp-per squire making this why we should always carry on doing new camps while in new needs when having fun with the type, where i am aware it as being problem for many players as well as when i'm upset when my vanish with individuals yogurt irrrve never first viewed it as problem, because is the way the machine works which is why i suggest you to continually do the quantity of food you'll use or at best relog just when was over, in the end, squire is really a character not just basecamp/foodmaker with this vanish enables us to go browsing them and not simply place it a left it forever around the lodge.


That which you be upset about may be the squire itself, right we now have repair-buffweapon-buff armor and base camp within the same character, imc must rework this in just "one" shop, where one can repair-buff weapon-armor and camp/food table in just "2" skills therefore we could place it at 15, and have points throughout squire skills , not to mention then add of selfmade food to make use of in match dg, or maybe more atk skills therefore the class could be performed as SUPPORT swordsman and never let be dying on the lodge and just sign in to remake camp.


Just consider it if squire could save food to make use of later as buffs around the party people(similar as how flect makes arrows) on instances dg in match making and so forth with no entire problem that's making the camp>>table>cook, hell, this is the right squire3 skill instead of the present dying penalty reduction, it might allow squire to shine as supp swordsman with 30% hp mp 3 aoe defense-atk and also the entire set of skills spoken before nearly as good meat shield buff slave swordsman tanker build and base camp table, would be present on massive gvg-pvp for a quick buffing of huge groups?


Just some thoughts about Camp, if you have different ideas about this, you can leave them below in the comment section, I will reply you as soon as possible. Finally, you can buy Tree of Savior money from all the time, and you can enjoy really nice shopping experience on our website.

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