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0:00 well hello there this user from great creative en I'm here to bring you 10

0:05 unique tips for players starting to your savior before we jump into it I have to

0:11 warn you that dole's our current tips from the Korean open data as a february

0:16 first so they might change in the future I want to make this video is short in

0:20 this quick as possible so let's jump right into first we need to almost here

0:24 if you do twice today we needed to kill him you will

0:28 overkill and that will show up as an overkill on your screen and with a

0:32 percentage number and that person to number means the photos experienced you

0:37 are getting from that killed so doing overkill is very essential and some

0:41 people might go next three so their abilities critical hits and it's easier

0:46 to get an overkill so you get more experience the game still be ready for

0:52 party question so question her friend you greatly reduced questing hype and

0:57 level up much faster than you would normally urged doing a place you find a

1:03 special more serious that shine and depending on the clarity shyly give you

1:07 special things for example the blue one if you can give you extra experience and

1:12 you might level up a level if you find out whites shine Mr you get extra loot

1:18 the golden poster you get extra money so we have to kill them as soon as you see

1:24 them and you should look around the sometimes they could be behind the tree

1:28 or 1115 you get access to one of the best sets in the game it's called

1:33 countryside and you can easily permit or bite on the auction house but I was show

1:38 here video off how easy it is to to farm and you can do that and maybe 10 minutes

1:43 or 15 minutes who have the full set and that's how to use them to about eleven

1:48 hundred and seventy since his son replaceable you should enhance it

1:51 in throwing some jams for extra power if you're kneading the fifth another female

1:57 I didn't find out until way later in the game is that this level one you can go

2:01 to the gaming city and you can buy from partenaires their bus and his blessing

2:07 book and the sick comment but they will make you kill everything with one's heat

2:12 until level hundred maybe one or two hits at 1100 although they last one hour

2:17 and 10 minutes the blessing both finished after you do 200 hits or 180 so

2:24 you have to maybe every area that they start pressing you have to go back to

2:28 see the invite again but it's totally worth it and it doesn't matter if you

2:32 want to build a tank build or whatever you gonna kill things so fast they can

2:36 just do the craziest field he wants because not gonna be a pain to level up

2:40 you can be fooled healer with no damage kills and you just gonna kill everything

2:45 so fast

2:46 by yourself 6 some players they might get stuck and think they have to try and

2:52 help but be 4 1130 you don't have to prime that all you can find it more

2:59 question do on the other side of the map if you started Ltd which is does she

3:03 need to the left you can go to war show which the sea on the right and start to

3:07 question their it's very easy to pick up and you can find some apps to help you

3:12 dream that I have a link with them on the description below this game has a

3:18 lot of secret crest and it's very easy to overlook most of the objectives from

3:24 the map like chests and other things like this so I have this website which

3:29 there the whole map is catalogued you can find hidden object is there it's not

3:34 a hundred percent but it's a collection of what other people and currencies

3:39 increase in but you can kind of guessed where the map is piped just look at the

3:42 map I'm sure in the future will be better databases

3:45 but for knowledge is the best one I could find his own description below hey

3:49 so you're doing well and you reach the level 75 and that's when you start doing

3:54 some real damage by yourself you should directly by or harm the I did that today

4:01 is awesome weapon that increase your fire property damage by $153 increase

4:09 every single damage you do including the Capri Sun set them each other heats did

4:13 you might add today at like six lament so this is really a must have item

4:18 specially if you're not wearing a two-handed weapon drops off it's very

4:23 easy to to get as a loose from the last boss on the ninety dungeon but when you

4:28 get to level 75 you still have to wait until level 90 so you can get it from

4:32 the dungeon so if you could buy it earlier

4:34 help you but it's not really needed you can just wait until her ninety and his

4:38 weapon you gonna use until way later also it's a good investment

4:42 99 this game is not a bad you do lose experience or anything else but you lose

4:47 your gender your jim's fall off the floor and if you don't run back or

4:51 someone direct to you in time do just disappear no one else can pick it up for

4:56 you it's very easy to lose your temper in this way so you might you do what you

5:00 want to do is every single time you have a gym you go back to town and you put it

5:04 on your bank so if they are on your bank they do not fall off and you did that

5:09 way you can keep your gems safe 10th ok I'm sure all of you gonna spend hours

5:15 looking at classes and pubes and stats and how to proceed with whatever you

5:20 want but I'm mike is that you do whatever you feel necessary interest

5:27 level of the most important decision easier

5:30 circle decisions that cannot be changed at all but thats you can change your

5:34 stats portion reset and skews he can change your not that easy to get but I'm

5:39 sure by the time you get to level two hundred result you gonna have access to

5:43 one or two of those they then you can just change to whatever you feel

5:47 necessary by learning how your skills work so just level up and try to get a

5:53 phone bill to level up and enjoy the game that's my

5:56 edition now have some bonus tips they're dissing you can do outside the city

6:02 your level low level you just let alone in if you have the blessing book and a

6:07 secret you kill all the dismal means directly so you level up in you are

6:12 already have sixty percent of experience and I think that's cool you can probably

6:16 play that too few more areas but this is one of the best air sea used at a comp

6:20 and you can level up so easily that way this is that he can press Alt to see

6:26 them the items on the floor and their way every time you can bless you should

6:30 press Alt to see if you didn't get anything and also sometimes you should

6:35 just press Alt cause some items are behind trees or over tall grass and you

6:39 can see correctly but it also is better to see right now all stops all your

6:44 movement so it's a bit annoying to keep clicking the button and there's no way

6:48 that I know to keep the alter any at all times so we just have to press it there

6:52 is no other way around right now I hope they fix that so that's it for my top 10

6:57 tips and I hope you guys subscribe and like my video and share if you share

7:02 that would help a lot and also I'm always Jamie impeach these days and you

7:06 can come watch me and ask me more questions about the game and really

7:10 interactive Micah's 1102 so boring by myself

7:14 interactive me they'll be very cool so I hope you guys have a good day and enjoy

7:20 your game

7:20 thank you story about your experience cars with save them save them for

7:25 moments that you are about to die or you know the need more mana back and just

7:29 use them to level before you go through HP include manner that's the best way

7:34 you can use your experience cards we've gotten to level as long as you're five

7:38 levels higher or 10 levels below the median there is no experience penalties

7:44 so don't worry about it that much just save it and use when the meanings are

7:50 too high level for you

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